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Real Estate and Title Insurance

We will work with your realtor and lender to help make the process of buying or selling your home or business real estate as easy and efficient as possible.  In transfers where the buyer and seller are not represented by a real estate agent, and have already agreed upon the terms of the transfer, we can help get the process started by preparing the Seller's Property Disclosure Statement and Standard Agreement of Sale.

Title Search and Title Insurance.

We work with any realtor or lender.  The choice of real estate settlement providers is up to the buyer.  As long as lenders allow the buyer to shop for third party services, lenders cannot require you to use a certain settlement services provider.  Under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the borrower may choose a qualified provider whether or not the provider is on the loan originator's written list.

George V. Welty is an agent for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

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Our Title Insurance rates are set by Fidelity National Title Insurance Company and are based on the transaction price or loan amount.  The premium is paid once at the time of the purchase and is good for as long as the buyer owns the property.  The premium includes the cost of the title search.  Additionally, when a buyer purchases a Title Insurance policy we do not charge the buyer a closing fee.  We always provide buyers and sellers with a list of estimated closing costs to disclose all anticipated costs, taxes and fees incurred in a real estate transaction.
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Title Insurance does not protect against defects which are visible upon the surface of the property.  For complete protection, we recommend that all of our buyers get a survey to verify all surface matters.

Property Settlement.

At the real estate settlement, we review all documents with our clients before signing.  We make every effort to e-mail the Settlement Statement to our clients for review prior to closing.  At closing, buyers will need to provide us with either a Cashier's Check or Wire Transfer for the total amount.  We provide clients with a balance sheet showing all incoming funds and all distributions.  We do not charge a wire fee, escrow fee or notary fee.

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