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Oil & Gas Leasing

If you have been contacted by a landman or speculator, it important that you do not sign an oil and gas lease until you review it with your attorney.  An oil & gas lease grants all the rights necessary to drill and explore for oil and gas.  The lease presented to you could burden your land indefinitely, may affect the value or marketability of your property and may not contain any environmental protection.

Whether you own substantial mineral acreage or just an acre, we can prepare and negotiate on your behalf an addendum that will protect your use and enjoyment of your land as well as address your unique concerns. 

Before negotiating an oil & gas lease, you may want to have us perform an oil and gas title search to determine whether or not you own your oil and gas rights.  Title insurance or a typical 60-year surface search is not sufficient to determine mineral ownership.  An oil and gas title search entails a comprehensive search of all adverse conveyances by all of the owners of your property since the patent deed was issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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