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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Documents.

Schedule an appointment with us to create an estate plan tailored to your particular needs and circumstances.  We will work with you, your accountant, and financial advisor and consider all available estate planning tools.  We will develop an estate plan for you that streamlines the estate administration process for your executor, trustees, and heirs, and minimizes costs and inheritance taxes.  Whether your estate plan consists of a "simple" will or a combination of a marital trust and credit shelter trust to minimize federal estate taxes, it is extremely important that these documents be properly prepared in order to avoid any unintended results.

If you are interested in charitable planned giving, we will discuss with you some of the many available methods.

Other Important Documents.

We also draft powers of attorney to prepare for incapacity or disability: 

Pennsylvania Durable General Power of Attorney. In this document, you grant to your agent broad powers to manage all of your property and affiars as completely as you yourself might do if personally present.  You should only grant this power to someone you trust.

Durable Health Care Power of Attorney and Health Care Treatment Instructions.  In this document, you grant to your agent the power to make all heath care decisions on your behalf if you become incompetent.